Clients / Demos / Testimonials

Enjoy these demos of works I have fully produced myself at PM Voice Productions:

Production Demo (Short Samples)

Imaging Demo (Classic Country, Alternative Rock)

Sleep Inn (Full :60)

Now, Have a look and listen to works I have done for some of my clients:

Automotive Demo (All Ads Fully Produced by Prince)

I’ve worked with Prince Mayne for 20 years. He’s a PRO. Prince gets it done. He’s not afraid of complicated/full production spots; in fact, that’s where he thrives. You won’t find a better, more professional voice talent to work with than Prince Mayne. That’s why we still use Prince here at Dial Global’s PDQ service today!
Randy Johnson
Production Manager
Dial Global TM Creative Services

Rabobank Business Offer (Prince on tag, Produced by SLA)

Santa Barbara County Fair (Prince and Liz, Produced by SLA)

Rancho Grande Motors (TV Video by SLA)

San Luis Bay Motors (TV Video by SLA)

Santa Barbara County Fair (TV Video by SLA)

Strawberry Festival (TV Video by SLA)

Great pipes! Great talent! Great guy! I have known Prince since he first got into the radio business and there is no one more capable, trustworthy or enthusiastic. As Creative Director for an ad agency, I have turned to Prince to provide voice tracks for everything from large corporate banks to small county fairs. He gives me what I need… when I need it and always with the highest quality performances! Whether its hard sell or soft pitch, I know Prince will always give me his best!
Michael Parks
Creative Director/Producer
S. Lombardi & Associates Advertising

San Jose/Boulder Creek, CA

80’s Live Concert – San Jose (Voiced and Produced by Prince)

SCC Fair Demo Derby – San Jose (TV Ad Produced by SSM)

Fortino’s GOB Sale – Hollister (TV Ad Produced by SSM)

Thunder Valley Speedway (Edit, Prince V/O Donut)

Kick Back Tracks Promo (Full)

Prince Mayne has long been a staple of our airstaff here at KSPK, having done mornings and evenings for us over the past 12 years, and now hosting Kick Back Tracks on Sunday Evenings. Prince always brings a refreshing sound to his work. It’s obvious that he not only has extensive knowledge of the songs and artists, but that he has also done extensive research to give the listener that little extra bit of knowledge about a song or artist that may otherwise get glossed-over. Prince is also a perfectionist and works hard to make sure his music flows properly, giving regard to tempo, artists, and more. We have also taken advantage of Prince’s production work and his voice is featured on a number of our commercials here at KSPK. Whether it’s production, liners or a jock shift, Prince has the experience and knowledge he needs to make any station sound great! I hope we can continue our relationship with him for a good long time.
Paul Richards
General Manager/Owner
KSPK Radio & Television

Peru State BB Pregame Open (Full)

Friday Night Scoreboard Show Open (Edit)

I was looking for a BIG-TIME Announcer Voice to image my Friday Night Football Scoreboard Show – something that would give my show that big-market sound! Having worked with Prince in the past on several other sports imaging projects, I immediately thought of having him cut me a set of image pieces! Not only was the delivery and presentation spot-on, but Prince added that special bit of creativity that only he can – creativity that knocks what he does out of the park! Prince is a PLEASURE to work with and his FAST turn-around times and EXCELLENT price-points make him my go-to-guy whenever I need voice work done!”
George Blessing Jr.
KNCY Sports Department